A downloadable Demo for Windows

Hey this is Christos Kalanidis, a fellow Programmer, anyway me and my team decided to upload our game here, this game is a demo/prototype, which means it's not finished, we put it up here to get some feedback, we will probably not work on this anymore but it's good to get some feedback like i said.

We made this game under 4 days, in a game jam at our high school. 

-What Is BIOOM?-

Bioom is a first person wave shooter, inspired by Doom(if you coudn't tell haha :D).

You try to survive as many seconds as you can againsts the demons.

Pick up ammo and health from the ground to get more health or ammo.

-Which Systems Does It Works On?-

I figured out that the file doesn't really work for Linux or Mac, mistake on my part.

Game works only on Windows

-Why 2D Graphics?-

It was our Artists first year, and they hadn't learned to 3D model yet, so we came up with the idea to make the game like the classic Doom games, which is 3D but with 2D graphics(althrough in reality the system classic doom uses is alot more complex, then what i described).

I want to point out that, that we did create our own music but small pieces and a few sound effects are sampled.

-Why We Didn't Fix Some Of The Bugs-

one last note, there is some bugs in the game, which i wanted to fix but our Unity Project for some reason stopped working, so you can't see the map, so if we wanted to fix the problems we would have to make the map all over again, which i don't wanna put time into, mostly because the bugs aren't that game breaking. Just wanted to be transparent about that.

On the smaller demon, you can see some white untop of his head, that is a mistake, our artist removed the white but it still remained for some reason.

-If You Don't Want To Become Def READ THIS-

You should probably lower your headphones volume, just to be sure you don't become def xD.

Even if you change the volume on the main menu, it won't change in game volume, a mistake on our part.

If you have any questions just comment bellow!

I hope you enjoy our game, and feel free to ask any questions you have :D


Game Engine : Unity

Christos Kalanidis - Programmer

Sam Stålhandske - Programmer

Malcolm Hammarstedt - 2D Artist

Sofia Alice Svensson - 2D Artist

Axel Stenberg - Level designer, Music Composer

Install instructions

-How To Install If You have Itch.io On Your Desktop-

Click the install button, wait for it download and when it's ready, the install button should change from "Install" to "Launch", click on it and you are ready to go.

How To Install If You Are Using Itch.io On The Web-

Click the download button, wait for it to download. When the file has finished downloading, you should have a zip file, extract it onto your desktop inside another folder, and call the folder "Bioom", or whatever you feel like naming it. Then to run the game double click on the file "Bioom.exe" or just click on the file that has the type "Application".


BIOOMStandar.zip 23 MB

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